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Create placeholders

Order Meta Data Placeholders

Navigate in the WordPress backend to ‘Prebuilt E-Mails’> ‘Order E-Mails’. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and click on “Manage Placeholders”. Scroll to the “Order Meta Data” placeholders.

Placeholders can be created here by specifying the so-called order meta key. For example, the invoice number of the plugin invoices and packaging slips is stored in the order meta field ‘_wcpdf_invoice_number’.

Gib folgendes in das Textfeld ein, um die Rechnungsnummer als Platzhalter zu verwenden:

Example invoice number

example coupon amount

The amount of a coupon that was used in an order is saved in the order meta key ‘coupon_amount’. If you want to use this value as a placeholder, the following must be written in the text field:
If the value is to be displayed formatted as a price, the placeholder must be modified minimally:

ACF Placeholders

Fields from the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin can be used very easily in Send Prebuilt E-Mails. Navigate in the WordPress backend to ‘Prebuilt E-Mails’> ‘Order E-Mails’. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and click on ‘Manage placeholders’. Scroll to the ‘ACF placeholder’ placeholders.

The exact placeholder text consists of 3 parts:

  1. acf or acf_price (if the value should be formatted as a price)
  2. Fieldname that was specified in ACF
  3. order or user (depending on whether the field was created for an order or a user)

Example ACF tracking number

You have defined the trackingnr field via ACF, in which you enter the shipping tracking number for orders. Create the placeholder in Send Prebuilt E-Mails with the following name:

Custom placeholders

Completely individual placeholders can be created with the filters ‘sendprebuiltemails_add_custom_placeholder’ (for ordering e-mails) and ‘sendprebuiltemails_add_custom_user_placeholder’ (for user e-mails). An unlimited number of placeholders can be created with the filters. Knowledge of PHP is useful for creating individual placeholders.

If the individual placeholders should appear in the ‘Edit template’ tab, they can also be listed here. It is important that these placeholders were created beforehand using a filter:

Example Order Total + 10

This placeholder could be used, for example, for payment reminders.

Here you can find more example codes, which should be optimally inserted into the functions.php of the child theme.

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