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The plugin ‘Send Prebuilt E-Mails’ is brand new. As soon as there are frequently asked questions they will appear here.

#1 Can I test the premium version for free?

Yes, install the free version and navigate in the WordPress backend as follows: ‘Prebuilt E-Mails’> ‘Account’ and click on the tab ‘Free Trial’ and finally on ‘START MY FREE 7 DAYS’.

#2 How can I add more placeholders?

Please take a look here.

#3 Why don’t my templates appear in the bulk actions?

Please make sure that the templates for the bulk actions are selected. You do this in the WordPress backend ‘Prebuilt E-Mails’> ‘Order E-Mails’> Tab: ‘Extended’ and then check in the ‘Bulk Settings’ area whether the pre-built e-mails have been selected. Invalid set up templates cannot be selected. Click on the ‘Templates’ tab and see if any messages regarding incompleteness are displayed (e.g. ‘missing subject’).

#4 Can placeholders be used in the “From” and “To” settings?

Yes, placeholders can be used anywhere except in the ‘template name’. It is important for the ‘From’ and ‘To’ addresses that the placeholder is replaced by a valid e-mail address, otherwise the e-mail will not be sent.

#5 Why are my pre-built E-Mails sent with the standard sender address despite the newly specified ‘From’ address?

It is possible for other plugins to override this option. A popular plug-in is WP Mail SMTP. Please check whether the following settings overwrite the ‘From’ address and the ‘From’ name in Send Prebuilt emails.

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