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Create E-Mail templates (text and content not design) and send pre-built E-Mails via bulk action or from the ‘order/user edit’ page.

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Create woocommerce E-Mail Templates

Enter subject, header, content, “from” and “to” addresses and choose whether the Woocommerce order details and the footer should be displayed. Select whether attachments should be sent and save the template under a name.


With placeholders it is very easy to create dynamic E-Mail content. “Hello {billing-frist_name} …” is just a very simple example. Order data, invoice data, delivery data, user data, ACF fields and completely individual data can be used as placeholders.

From, to, reply to, cc, bcc

Change the E-Mail “From” and “To” settings. For each E-Mail template, specify what the sender’s name and address should be, which name and address should be replied to, whether there should be Cc and Bcc addresses and whether the E-Mail should be sent to {billing-email} as standard or another address should be sent.

Different Templates for user E-Mails and order E-Mails

It is possible to create different templates for users and for orders. The templates for users can be sent from the ‘user edit’ page and via the user bulk action. The templates for orders from the ‘oder edit’ page and from the order overview can be sent via bulk action.

Send pre-built E-Mails

Send your pre-built E-Mails via bulk action or from the ‘order/user edit’ page with just one click. If you want, you can preview the E-Mail in advance.

Order notes are saved

After pre-built E-Mails have been sent, a comment is saved under ‘Orders Notes’ so that you can see when an E-Mail was sent via Send Prebuilt E-Mails. The saving of comments can be deactivated in the general settings.

Column in order overviews

In the new column ‘last prebuilt E-Mail’ in the order overview, the last sent pre-built E-Mail is displayed.

Write E-Mail in a popup

If spontaneous E-Mails are to be sent directly via Woocommerce, a ‘blank’ E-Mail can be written from the order overview via bulk action or from the ‘order edit’ page. For this purpose, a popup appears in which you can write an E-Mail with the usual setting options and placeholders and send it in the shop layout.

Change order status after E-Mail sent

It is possible to specify within the E-Mail templates whether the order status of the order should be changed after the pre-built E-Mail has been sent. For example, it can be set that the order should be set to ‘completed’. If you send this pre-built E-Mail, the status of the order will be updated to ‘completed’ when it is dispatched.

Deaktive standard woocommerce E-Mails

If, for example, it is specified that the status of the order is set to ‘completed’ when the pre-built E-Mail is sent, it can be selected that the standard Woocommerce E-Mail is deactivated for this order status so that the pre-built E-Mail and the standard Woocommerce E-Mail are not sent both.

Send attachments

It is possible to send files from the media library with the pre-built E-Mails.

Custom Hook after E-Mail sent

A custom hook can be used to implement a custom PHP function after sending pre-built E-Mails.

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