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Hooks and Filter


Define individual values ​​for placeholders that have been created under “Individual placeholders”.

Placeholder for Invoice and Packing Slips incoice number

Placeholder for payment reminders

sendprebuiltemails_add_placeholder (premium feature)

Add more placeholders if the placeholders on the plugin page under “advanced settings” are not sufficient

Add placeholders


Define individual values ​​for placeholders that have been created under ‘Individual placeholders’.

Change subject


Change the recipient email address before sending the email

Change recipient

sendprebuiltemails_change_attachments (premium feature)

Change the attachments or add some.

Change attachments


Define rules for when Send Prebuilt E-Mails should not send an E-Mail

Don’t send E-Mail

sendprebuiltemails_after_mail_send (premium feature)

PHP function that takes effect after the pre-built E-Mail has been sent.

After sending E-Mail


Change the value that is saved in the “last prebuilt email” column in the order summary.

Change column value in order overview

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