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This is “Send Prebuilt E-Mails”

With Send Prebuilt E-Mails, E-Mail templates (text and content no design) can be created and sent very easily via bulk action or from the ‘order/user edit’ page. Various placeholders facilitate the creation of dynamic content.

Don’t waste time sending the same emails over and over again. Set up ready-made emails and send them to your customers with a click.

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Use cases

Announce delivery

Example: It is friday and you want to inform all customers with pending orders that you will
ship the order on monday.

No Problem: Filter pending Woocommerce orders and send your prebuilt e-mail template “shipping on monday”
via order bulk actions.

Leave a review

Example: you want to get reviews and you know you highperformer product is rated
great by clients who bought it.

No Problem: Search Woocommerce Orders and get all where your highperformer product
is bought and send a leave a prebuilt leave a review e-mail via order bulk actions.

Payment reminder

Example: A customer forgot to pay.

No Problem: open the order and use the ‘Send Prebuilt E-Mails’ Metabox and select
your template ‘payment reminder’ and click ‘send’.

Product out of stock

Example: 20 customers are waiting for the product xyz they already ordered, but it
is out of stock and you have to wait till you got new ones.

No Problem: Use “Plain E-Mails” Addon and go to Woocommerce orders. Serach pending
order with product xyz. Use Bulk Action “Write Plain E-Mail” and write an individal text to
the customers. Use placeholders, say sorry, and save time to get product xyz asap.

User Role updated

Example: You have different prices by user role. You want to inform user after user role

No Problem: Change User role and send prebuilt e-mail directly form user edit page.

Alternative ‘order completed’ E-Mail

Example: You do not want to send the standard Woocommerce email for certain orders.

No Problem: Set the status of the order to “completed” in the case of a pre-built E-Mail and disable the standard Woocommerce E-Mail deactivated for this order status via click on checkbox.

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