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Screenshot Walkthrough

Create E-Mail templates

Manage your pre-built emails from the Send Prebuilt Emails plugin page.

Send E-Mails from the “order edit” page

Use the “Send Prebuilt Email” metabox to send emails from the “order edit” page.

Send E-Mails via bulk action

Select orders and send pre-built emails to customers.

Create dynamic email templates

Name your template and enter “From” and “To” email addresses (optional settings).

Use placeholders and create dynamic content.

Show order details, add further content and add attachments.

Write E-Mails in a popup in woocommerce

Write E-Mails directly from Woocommerce. Select orders and write E-Mails via bulk action or from the “order edit” page. A popup opens for this and the email content including placeholders can be specified.

E-Mails in the Shop Layout

Send Prebuilt E-Mails does not change the e-mail layout that you use in your Woocommerce shop.

Send E-Mails from the ‘user edit’ page

Send pre-built E-Mails from the ‘user edit’ page.

Set bulk actions

Determine yourself which pre-built E-Mails should be available as bulk action in the order overview.

Alternative ‘order completed’ E-Mail

Specify whether the order status should be changed after sending the pre-built E-Mail and select whether E-Mails that Woocommerce would send by default for this status should be deactivated.

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