Send Prebuilt E-Mails

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Create E-Mail templates (text and content not design) with Send Prebuilt E-Mails and send your pre-built E-Mails via bulk action or from the “order/user edit” page. Don’t waste time in typing the same E-Mails again and again. Use placeholder to create dynamic templates.

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Create E-Mail templates

Create E-Mail templates (text and content, not design) and thus simply send additional emails in your Woocommerce shop. Save yourself time by preparing your E-Mails and sending them with one click.

Use placeholders

Use placeholders with data from orders, invoices, deliveries, users, ACF fields and completely individual data to prepare your E-Mails with dynamic content.

Send E-Mails via click

Send your prepared E-Mails to several users or to the addresses of several customers at the same time via the Woocommerce Bulk campaigns. You can also send them from the ‘order edit’ pages.

From, to, reply to, cc, bcc

Tailor the E-Mail “from” and “to” settings to your needs. Placeholders can of course also be used here.

Shop E-Mail layout

The standard shop E-Mail layout is used for the pre-built E-Mails.

Alternative Woocommerce E-Mails

Set the order status to be changed after the pre-built E-Mails have been sent. In addition, the standard Woocommerce E-Mail for the order status can be replaced.

Bulk Actions

Select orders in the Woocommerce order overview and send your pre-built E-Mails via bulk actions.

E-Mails for users

Create pre-built E-Mails that can be sent from the ‘user edit’ page and from the user overview via bulk action.


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